Hi, I’m Bailey.

I am a queer Christian writer, speaker, podcaster, and advocate, who is convinced that Jesus meant it when he said that the greatest of all the laws is to love God and love our neighbor. I am a social justice advocate, seeking reconciliation in the Church for all who have been wronged throughout history. I believe that the Church will be so much better for it when we are finally able to lay down our weapons, ready to listen and learn from those who have been marginalized, silenced, and oppressed.

A few of my favorite things are books, hiking, coffee and Mexican food. In pressing through hard seasons of life, I have joyfully (and surprisingly!) discovered the glory of God everywhere, especially in life on the water and around the table.

I write for a few places online; take a look here.

If you’d like to talk about the intersection of faith and sexuality, or you would like to learn how to make your church more welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community, head over here.

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Why Public LGBTQ Affirmation in the Church Matters

“We are not officially LGBTQ-affirming, but we accept everyone.” I have heard this almost every time I have begun to involve myself in a new church, and I have learned that people often believe this is a complete substitute for LGBTQ+ affirmation and inclusivity. Humanity has a tendency to get comfortable where we are. We … Continue reading Why Public LGBTQ Affirmation in the Church Matters

Steve Austin is Teaching Us How to Catch Our Breath

Listen to Episode 4 https://anchor.fm/MakingRoomOnThePew/embed/episodes/Steve-Austin-is-Teaching-Us-How-to-Catch-Our-Breath-e2pote” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here! Steve Austin was a pastor when he nearly died by suicide. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, From Pastor to a Psych Ward, and Catching Your Breath. Join us as we talk about mental health, fear-based theology, and Connect with Steve on Instagram & Twitter @iamsteveaustin and at iamsteveaustin.com. Grab … Continue reading Steve Austin is Teaching Us How to Catch Our Breath

Manda Carpenter Believes the Church is for Everyone

Listen to Episode 3 https://anchor.fm/MakingRoomOnThePew/embed/episodes/Manda-Carpenter-Believes-the-Church-is-for-Everyone-e2jp22” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here!   Manda Carpenter is a writer and foster parent living with her husband Eric in Chicago, IL. Join us as we talk about the hard and beautiful ministry of foster care, how to survive your evolving theological beliefs, and who Manda thinks the Church needs to get better … Continue reading Manda Carpenter Believes the Church is for Everyone

B.T. Harman, On How to Support Christian Parents of LGTBQ Children

Listen to Episode 2 https://anchor.fm/MakingRoomOnThePew/embed/episodes/B-T–Harman–On-How-to-Support-Christian-Parents-of-LGBTQ-Children-e2jonu” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here!   B.T. Harman is a writer and advocate for compassionate, grace-filled relationship–even when there are disagreements about fundamental ideas and theology. B.T. is the writer of Blue Babies Pink: A Southern Coming Out Story and the creator of Harbor, an online support group for Christian parents of LGBTQ children. Join … Continue reading B.T. Harman, On How to Support Christian Parents of LGTBQ Children

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