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Bailey Jo Welch is a queer Christian, LGBTQ advocate, author, podcaster, and creator of Making Room on the Pew: a book meant to begin a movement focused on fostering reconciliation between the LGBTQ community and the conservative Church through respectful, grace-filled conversation about faith, the Bible, and sexual orientation.

Bailey lives in New Jersey with her wife, Sarah, and their two cats, Ada and Ivan. When not working or writing, you can find Bailey reading outdoors, hiking, eating Mexican food and drinking coffee.

Writing Career:

For Bailey, life has always revolved around stories. Whether hearing them preached in church, sung to a lazy guitar strum around a campfire, read from the page, or portrayed on a screen, she has always been drawn to the power of a well-told story. Bailey spent her childhood on her family’s farm, wandering the woods, reading beside the pond, and dreaming of becoming a writer.

She began taking the craft of writing seriously in middle school, when she became involved in Power of the Pen, a writing competition in which students travel around the state to write short stories according to a certain prompt. Bailey wrote her first book-length project in middle school, and her second in high school. Throughout college, she focused on writing blog posts, which explored topics such as the intersection of faith and sexuality, patriarchy, and a bit of politics.

Upon discovering her passion for non-fiction writing, Bailey began writing articles for outside publications. To date, Bailey has written for Relevant Online Magazine, The Salt Collective, and Queer Grace. She also has a monthly column with Pursue Magazine.

Bailey is represented by Adria Goetz of Martin Literary Management.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Church:

Bailey believes in a fully inclusive Church, which demonstrates the radical love of God as demonstrated through Jesus. It is her passion and vision to reconcile the global Church with the LGBTQ+ community through respectful conversation.

Would you like to talk more with Bailey about this idea of reconciliation between these two communities? Would you like to speak with Bailey about how to make your church more welcoming and inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community? Other questions?

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