On Inauguration Day: the path to healing

January 20, 2017 After the election in November, I wrote about radical love in a world that’s falling apart. I wrote about those of us who were – and are – scared, hurting, and confused by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. I wrote about the minorities among a majority which continues to ignore, invalidate,Continue reading “On Inauguration Day: the path to healing”

Holy Baptism & the breaking through of life

December 27, 2016 “Nothing can kill my faith.” She said it softly, fiercely, as her eyes searched mine in the middle of the hospital cafeteria. We were sitting in a building filled with doctors who specialize in cancer treatment, hands wrapped tight around coffee and soup, clinging to what we had in that moment – butContinue reading “Holy Baptism & the breaking through of life”

When you need to remember how to dream

December 12, 2016 For someone who finds herself in an anxiety-induced frenzy during the changing of seasons of life, I absolutely adore the changing of the seasons of weather. I love the thawing of the earth as Winter moves into Spring and new green life peeks through the mud when the rain finally stops poundingContinue reading “When you need to remember how to dream”

Radical love in a world that’s falling apart

November 13, 2016 This is not a political statement. This is a message of radical love.  This world is broken. So incredibly and devastatingly broken. And because of this brokenness, there are people who are scared and worried about their futures.  There are Black people who feel invalidated in a society that still clings toContinue reading “Radical love in a world that’s falling apart”

Power Walks & Vulnerability

September 25, 2016 So, here’s the deal: Social work does not mess around. I had a particularly difficult week, complete with two separate meltdowns – one to my mom and the other to my best friend. By Thursday, I was emotionally drained and mentally exhausted, and I was thankful that I did not have to goContinue reading “Power Walks & Vulnerability”

A love letter to nurses everywhere

June 2, 2016 My day today involved working on a trauma unit with beyond-stressed nurses worrying about their patients going to surgery and trying to manage pain with Motrin because that’s all the doctor would order and praying for patience and unconditional positive regard for a difficult patient detoxing from heroin. It was a hardContinue reading “A love letter to nurses everywhere”