Bailey is currently booking speaking opportunities for the 2020 calendar year. She enjoys speaking on a variety of topics, and she would love to customize her message to best fit the needs and requests of the mission and goal of the event or organization.





Some of Bailey’s favorite topics to speak about include:

Mental Health

  • Depression Is Not a Sign Of Sin: What No One Will Tell You About Mental Health In Church (Until Now)
  • Pastors, Your Church Wants You To Preach About Mental Health: A Workshop For Pastors

Millennials and the Church

  • Show Us, Don’t Tell Us: Why Your Millennial-Attracting Tactics Aren’t Working

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Church

  • Blessed? Discerning God’s Will For Your Church & The LGBTQ Community
  • It’s Not About The Flag: How To Foster an LGBTQ-Affirming Community

Interested in booking Bailey for your event?

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